Which bread maker gets the best reviews?

Panasonic bread maker SD-ZB2502BXC

Oregano and olive loaf
Homemade oregano and black olive bread
I bought my Panasonic bread maker last year from John Lewis as it had plenty of really good customer reviews. There were a choice of models and I went for the stainless steel version as it looks great on my black granite worktop (there is also a white version). 

I use it regularly to make the most delicious bread which is so much tastier than supermarket bought bread! You can't beat waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning.

My children help me measure out the strong flour, fast acting yeast, water, butter etc. Accuracy is important for the best results and setting the programme/ timer is easy. Bread making has been very successful and I have also used it to make dough for pizza and to make Chelsea buns. 

Our favourite bread maker recipes are fruity loaf, Chelsea buns, homemade pizza and oregano and olive bread which is fragrant and moreish! ;) x