Baking bread: Oregano and Black Olive - Panasonic breadmaker recipe

Oregano and Olive Bread

Oregano and black olive home made bread
Oregano and olive bread made using my Panasonic bread maker! :)

MENU '09' (4hr 30min)

Oregano and Olive Bread Ingredients

400g strong white flour
1tsp sugar
2tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
2tbsp oregano
50g sliced black olives, pitted
250ml water
3/4 tsp fast acting yeast

Panasonic Breadmaker
Oregano and olive bread ingredients in my Panasonic breadmaker
Panasonic Breadmaker - inside all in one mix, knead and bake baking tin

Panasonic Breadmaker
Ingredients are in - let's bake some Oregano and black olive bread!
Panasonic Breadmaker - Oregano and Olive bread ingredients

Oregano and olive loaf
Homemade oregano and black olive bread
Freshly baked oregano and olive loaf with a good crumb structure and an amazing aroma! :)

Oregano and Olive Bread made with my Panasonic Breadmaker - ready to eat!