Hello and welcome to "Mummy Baking". 

"Mummy Baking" is a fun hobby that is extremely popular with my children as they love the rewards they get when we finish!

"Can we do Mummy Baking today?" They ask on a daily basis!

Baking with two children can be stressful and I am always saying "don't touch" and "just watch for now"- not that they listen! 

I have found that sharing and taking turns are valuable lessons to be learned for successful Mummy Baking! The sooner these are learnt the more enjoyable it becomes.

Our most tasty recipes are included in this blog together with other posts about family life and the challenges I face being a full time working mum trying to get some 'me time'!

Happy "Mummy Baking" to all the mummies out there! 

Rachel :) x